Yvonne Stanley

Yvonne is a first generation Canadian born to Jamaican parents. After attending Centennial College and the Ontario College of Art and Design, she started her career in graphic design at a magazine company in 2012. Less than 3 years later she picked up photography and shortly after opened her own photography business “Elevated Vision” that focused on empowering female entrepreneurs through visual branding photography. 


After 6 years of passionately working on her photography, Yvonne’s portfolio includes celebrity photo shoots, work for tier one companies as well as work published in international publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Glamour.

Recognized for her bold and vibrant photography with a mission she strives to educate, inspire, uplift, and support her community and communities around the world with her Elevated Vision brand. 


The first to coin “Manifestography” Stanley uses her knowledge of energy, the power of thought and affirmations and implements it into her photography by projecting her clients not where they are but where they want to be through lens-based visual branding.


Most recently in her creative work is The Boob Book Project, a bold, conscious international photojournalism series which aims to shed new light on breasts and the stories that come with them. The book will feature 100 diverse, anonymous women of all races, genders, ages, and sizes. Through artistic anonymous portraits, the book is meant to create harmony between the body and the mind by pulling away from the beliefs and illusions constructed for generations. Yvonne believes that doing so could contribute to the health, happiness, empowerment, and beliefs about women’s potential and political efficacy in the world.


A constant advocate for minorities and the truth, Yvonne is influenced by female empowerment movements, civil rights and many other events and issues the world faces. Stanley has been described as a love activist in her business, art, and life, challenging herself to use love based language instead of the fear-based language most commonly used throughout the world. 


Aside from her creative career, it is her passion for giving back that provides her with the most sense of accomplishment. Although The Boob Book Project plans to be an active project for years, Yvonne has already planned her next art series, book, and documentary and is excited to start working on it later this year. 





"When I came across your project I immediately felt that what I found is something real, something very sensible and feminine, and I had an urge to contact you to be part of your project."


The Boob Book Project is nothing without it's

contributors and supporters.

SPONSOR Rebecca Ying-  2 Jane Street, Unit 504 Toronto, ON  M6S 4W3


Public Relations - Chantel Bedward
Angela Lyttle - Designer & Creative Director at Avolve Creative
Rebecca - Writer contributorBeca is an English literature graduate who lives in Cambridge, UK. Whilst working in fashion content, she also writes her own blog on green beauty and veganism. She is an advocate for body positivity and joined The Boob Book in the hope of empowering women to love their bodies and themselves. 
Alice Ball - My name is Alice Ball, and I joined the amazing team at the boob book because I wanted to be part of this encouraging and empowering movement. I wanted to apart of this team because we need to stop the objectification of women's bodies and claim them as our own and move forward stronger than ever before. 
Rachel Lambo - (Marketing- This ones for me campaign)