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The message was loud and clear: I wasn’t enough. 


At least that's what I got told from almost every media source in the 90’s; then there were my barbies...It’s probably why I stuffed my bra each time I went to the supermarket as I began my journey into body-shaming at the age of 7. It was a long, arduous journey and by 28, I finally started to pull what parts of me I could out of the shame. Parts of me still linger there at times even now...


But there comes a day when you realize the power is in your hands, and you have to make a choice: Safety vs. Shear Fear, Inaction vs. Action. And what it really boils down to: Fear vs. Love.


Of course being me, I decided to take the boldest action towards healing. My boobs and I began making the most badass book to change the way the world views breasts called The Boob Book Project. 


I realized the problem was never me, it was the media. It was missing a true spectrum of diverse breasts and stories. And I was immediately compelled to create its antithesis: something beautiful without prejudice, judgement, racial-bias, or ageism—that has thrived in our society for generations.


Raw, uncensored, unapologetic—and powerful was the only way to go. 


I realized taking the path of love could have an extraordinary impact on inspiring anyone to love themselves. Through anonymous portraits and stories, they can feel seen and respected. 


To help others feel beautiful and whole is the greatest gift I could give to this world.


Each person who is inspired to participate, has the opportunity to represent millions of others. When the book is complete, my hope is that millions of underrepresented individuals can see themselves differently. See themselves through the eyes of love. Since this all started, I have witnessed first-hand these Boob Warriors stepping into their truth, rewriting years of conditioning, becoming empowered, uplifted, and frankly, badass. 


The Boob Book doesn’t stop here though. After looking into why I felt ashamed at age 7, why I felt inadequate by 12…I grounded it in research. I learned it’s much deeper than feelings, because those feelings were manipulated to create an industry rarely discussed in its true light. The focus of this book will always be to help women heal, love, and appreciate their bodies. For that to truly happen though, some serious work on tackling systemic roots to the problem still have to be done.  


“Always follow the money. Inevitably it will lead to an oak-paneled door and behind it will be Mr Big.”


Let’s flip the script on a story we never consented to in the first place. Dig down deep, examine the good, bad and the ugly. Let’s face the foundational issues, pull back the curtain to see the Great Oz (media and decision-makers at the top) in its true form—so we may live in our light from this moment on. 


Let’s uplift those who’ve struggled for years from not fitting singular ideals. I believe the Boob story—told throughout history—is the most glorified, yet underrated story ever told. 


So, let’s talk boobs. 


Yvonne Stanley

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"When I came across your project I immediately felt that what I found is something real, something very sensible and feminine, and I had an urge to contact you to be part of your project."


The Boob Book Project is nothing without it's contributors and supporters.

Rebecca Ying
2 Jane Street
Unit 504 Toronto
ON  M6S 4W3

Chantel Bedward - Public Relations
Tasha, Tyfanny, Kathryn, Alicia, Kelly, Amanda Charisse, Judy, Yvonne, Ashley, Savanna, Rookz- Boobie Balm Photoshoot. 
Angela Lyttle - Designer & Creative Director at Avolve Creative
Rebecca - (This ones for me campaign) Writer contributorBeca is an English literature graduate who lives in Cambridge, UK. Whilst working in fashion content, she also writes her own blog on green beauty and veganism. She is an advocate for body positivity and joined The Boob Book in the hope of empowering women to love their bodies and themselves. 
Alice Ball - (This ones for me campaign) My name is Alice Ball, and I joined the amazing team at the boob book because I wanted to be part of this encouraging and empowering movement. I wanted to be apart of this team because we need to stop the objectification of women's bodies and claim them as our own and move forward stronger than ever before. 
Rachel Lambo - (Marketing- This ones for me campaign)
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