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Showing diversity and sharing stories.

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Breasts are the most contradicted, feted, sexualized and taboo part of a woman’s body. They also make beautiful art and bold political statements.


In support of International Women's Day 2019, the Boob Book Project asks you to #TruthorBare to inspire conversations around diversity and contribute to the self-love revolution.


These anonymous topless selfies will become a part of the art series which will be featured in The Boob Book, and interactive art exhibitions around the world. 


#Truthorbare promotes the narrative of harmony between a woman's mind and body. This action creates a safe space for self-love and acceptance while challenging the current standards that define beauty. 


Let's #TruthorBare and see where it leads.

All information is private and will only be used by the creator for further involvement in The Boob Book Project including interview or photo shoot.
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We chose the slogan #THISONESFORME because we often put others opinions of ourselves before our own. It is not popular to sit in stillness and know oneself because of the constant buzz and heavy influence to conform coming from every turn.


#THISONESFORME is a movement for individuals understanding that their unique form is a beautiful gift that should be celebrated with gratitude and kind, loving thoughts and actions.


Posting this hashtag means that you are acknowledging your beautiful gift, the power that you were born with and the respect it deserves and you want to help us change the way the world see's and think's of women, their, breasts, body, and worth. 


Our hope with #Thisonesforme is that the stories will allow us to hold a torch for respect and honor of the female form to destroy rape culture, abuse, discrimination, body-shaming, self-hate...



On March 8th (International Women's Day), women around the world will join us to further reclaim their power. Our goal is to disrupt and dismantle the current narrative of “boobs” and the "female" form from the foundation and to organically restructure a healthy relationship with our bodies as a united front. This is a celebration and embracement of body positivity, respect and the beginning of a new story written and conceived by you.









Take a selfie of your chest from neck to waist. Turtleneck or cleavage-- it doesn't matter! Do whatever makes you comfortable.



Add the text "#thisonesforme" on top of your photo across the chest. You can do this through Instagram Stories, Snapchat or an app.



Upload your photo to Instagram (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) with or without a personal story about your chest, #thisonesforme and tag us @theboobbook 



Our project is open to all individuals that identify with this project.

The more people that share their stories, the more chance we have of inspiring change. 

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