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In support of changing the narrative around breasts,

we are baring it all one selfie at a time.

Let's show the diverse breasts and stories that exist around the world.



Breasts are the most contradicted, feted, sexualized and taboo part of a woman’s body. They also make beautiful art and bold political statements.


The Boob Book Project asks you to #TruthorBare to inspire conversations around diversity and contribute to the self-love revolution.


These anonymous topless selfies will become a part of the art series which will be featured in The Boob Book, and interactive art exhibitions around the world. 


#Truthorbare promotes the narrative of harmony between a woman's mind and body. This action creates a safe space for self-love and acceptance while challenging the current standards that define beauty. 


Fear is something we make up. On occasion it protects us from danger, but in this case, it stops positive actions which allows fewer women to see themselves represented and less progress in this mission. We cant do it without you. Submit your anonymous selfie today and share a story.


Let's Dare to Bare and see where it leads.

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average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People love it

I never loved my boobs, I tolerated them. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my chest. But I’m planning and working towards getting top surgery next spring. Top surgery will allow me to better connect to my body and be more confident as well. One day this body will look different but it will always be mine and it will always be for me.

He said it was 'fckd up'

I had some breast insecurities. First is when I had bigger boobs than my friends in elementary school. I also had some sexual harassment because of it. It was so awful that I ever cried about it. In high school some female friends made fun of my large breast because it showed cleavage under my thin sport uniform. When I became sexually active in college, one of my ex-bf also make me so insecure because he said that my nipples are inverted and have big areolas. He said it was 'fckd up' Cont'd...


Cancer survivor. 15 years clear. Decorating my chest and my scars. Keep checking for lumps everyone.

I am beautiful! I hope that they’re shown a bit more love in the public soon so no one else feels ab

I have always hated my boobs because of my huge areola, I feel that every kind of boob but ones with large areolas are shown in art, magazines on the internet, on tv in porn even in person, friends and family I always thought I was the only person in the world who had boobs like this! But realised everyone else who has large areolas was probably in the same situation as me because it’s just not something that is shown! As I have got older I’ve learnt to appreciate my boobs and my big areolas!

Love my boobs

I love my boobs, but they are heavy because they are so full and dense, which causes me back pain sometimes. So to all the ladies out there in the same boat, I feel your pain - literally!

I have had a really rough relationship with my breasts. When I was younger, a boyfriend of mine told me that my boobs looked fucked up, I never liked my breasts after that. I began cutting them and fantasizing about slicing them off because of my self hatred. When I came across this project, it was cathartic for me. I am on a journey of learning to love all of myself and projects like this are so empowering.


February 20th I had a Breast Reduction, age 22 - Before size 36 N, Now size 36DDD. I have had Large breasts since the age of 13. I struggled all through middle school and high school with being teased and feeling self-conscious. I was 15, at my first year of away camp, I had my bra on my bunk bed and one of my roommates took one look at it and said “Hey that's Huge, I can fit my whole head in that!”, the rest of the people laughed agreeing with her, leaving me completely mortified


Part 1: In the first few days when my first was born I’d begun to realize the amazing worth the female body holds. Having attended a girls school boobs were just a part of us, they weren’t ridiculed unless someone happened to be wearing something odd. I was lucky, my school friends were great in that way. I remember being quite conscious of how big they were for my age from quite early on, and the growing stretch marks which embraced them as I hit adolescence combined with my rocketing weight...

I used to hate the fact that I had the smallest boobs in my family, even my younger sister now has bigger boobs than me. However, I learned to stop caring about such nonsense and instead have learned to embrace my body, flaws and all. That and it made me realise that I don't care for stressing about bra's since I don't wear them anymore, it's just me and my boobs swinging free.

Now I'm told the implants I have can cause CANCER, too! Should I really be shocked?!!

Part 2: These boobs have not only nourished and comforted my child, but experienced a lot of growth. I have witnessed my small A cup breasts become a D cup in which I am not complaining about. The scars also leave memories from traumatic experiences of abuse and carelessness that I can now look at and see how much better I am than I was before.

You know, I think we should all embrace our boobs. They are amazing, and never be ashamed of them.

Boobs are very hyper-sexualized in our society. However, their purpose is primarily to feed babies and it's like we forget that. I don't have children and don't plan to so mine have never fed a baby but that's ok too! I used to really dislike my boobs because they weren't as pert abd perky as some other women's. But I have grown to love them. They have fluctuated in size over the years due to weight gain and weight loss, being on the pill etc and are now a 38F.

A little home truth having big boobs is not always a fun thing the pain in my back makes me hate them at least 50% of the time I have considered surgery to make them smaller but came to the decision that for a girl in her 20s I could love them for what they are not what there not but to all my big boobied ladies never feel ashamed of your massive breasts and the choices you make to feel more comfortable with your own body but don’t forget to love them in all their saggy bouncy glory !

Once, after sex, my ex-boyfriend looked at me and said ‘I normally prefer bigger boobs’. I hated my breasts for a long time after that, but have since grown to love them.

Part 2:my weight plummeted and the stretch marks had not loosened their embrace and visible with a low cut top. I went on a date and it was the first thing he commented on. I sometimes remind him of this and he recoils in disgust at himself. Motherhood made them the most important thing I was grateful for, having nourished my child from within my breasts it continued to remind me of how much worth my body had. It may now look tired from carrying my children but my breasts have been more loved.

Thank you cancer! Eleven years ago you took my breasts and gave me an imperfect body! But it’s ok because you hit home the social unconsciousness our society was/is still is living in; that notion that our bodies are to be perfect. That big and perky breasts are badass. You’ve made me a more conscious, humble, understanding, and forgiving human being, and for that I am grateful. My body is MY temple; and not that which is supposedly socially acceptable. My 1-1/2 breasts with one nipple is badass

I have never loved my breasts. It's especially harder for me now that I have breastfed my son for almost 4 years. They've changed a lot to say the least! But they give my son nutrients. They comfort him. My husband loves them, so why is it so hard for me to love them too? Maybe this is the first step!

Continue story below: The tattoo under my right breast says "melauthious" - it's a word I made up and it means "one that makes you feel like spring. The physical embodiment of eunoia". ~ Like so many people, I've experienced sexual assault and harassment. I also experienced so much shame and hurt at my own hands as well as I learned to navigate self-respect, boundaries, womanhood, empowerment... ~ I got this tattoo after I was being sexually assaulted in a work place...

Continue story below: I called the guy I had been dating for 2 years to tell him I had cancer, he told me he wished me well but didn’t want anything to do with it. I felt worthless. I am not worthless though. I am a strong cancer warrior and I am beautiful, I am alive and I am thankful for each new day. Breast cancer gave me purpose! Breast cancer gave me a new perspective on life. Breast cancer has in a sense given me life. I miss my old boobs, they were killer boobs, literally...

I used to be so embarrassed of my breasts until I realised that I was not the only one with breasts that didn't live up to the standards society has put in place for people. I am still learning new ways to love my body and this project is so wonderful to show that we are all different and to embrace the bodies we have. I hope that by sharing my photo I can help other people who feel uncomfortable in their skin to speak up to say "This One's For Me"

"I've survived a couple of sexual assaults, a surgical abortion, and 4 break ins and have as a result been diagnosed with PTSD and on many occasions felt powerless as a woman. After leaving an abusive relationship last year I had the female symbol tattooed on my chest to symbolise the strength that took and wrote myself a letter with a list of reasons I'm proud."

I wished I had those girls' boobs, I wished I had my friends' boobs, I even wished I had my mom's boobs. I wondered why I didn't, then a few years later I leaned she got a boob job when she was in her twenties and I didn't blame her. I wished I was brave enough to get them done too, but I'm glad I now know I'm brave enough not to. My boobs are small. My boobs are not the same size. My boobs have huge nipples. My boobs are soft. My boobs are fun. My boobs are fine

You know, I think we should all embrace our boobs. They are amazing, and never be ashamed of them.

When I was 15 I was sexually assaulted. I remember the man groping my breasts and I realized in that moment that no one had ever touched that part of me in such a way. I felt disgusted and ashamed of myself. I felt robbed of my control over my body. I felt violated and ugly. It took a while for me to look at myself naked without feeling hate. However, this has all changed. Now 22, I know that my body is mine, I no longer feel shame, I feel empowered. #ThisOneIsForMe

I couldn't stand my boobs and this project brought me to tears. Now I hold my boobs every day and say how grateful I am. My breasts are healthy, soft, large and will feed my child in 4 more months what more could I ask for.

I’ve never been comfortable with my boobs. I was never happy with the smallness of them and was often taunted when I was younger by men as well as larger chested women (which I thought was pretty bizarre). I’ve always hated that little bit of armpit fat that I could see every time I looked at down at my boobs or in a mirror. I can’t say that I’m now happy with them, but as well as the rest of me I’m learning to love myself more and more everyday.

Part 1: Though my boobs are not perky like how they were in 2008, 10 years later I look at my breasts in the mirror and see now a woman who has gone through so much maturation and I'm just grateful that I these breasts remain in good health.

I was an early bloomer and always hated my large breasts. Everything was oversized about them and they certainly didn't look like what I saw around me. It's been. Long journey to realizing all shapes and forms are beautiful and our breasts don't define us. It seems so silly now I focused so much and worried about how floppy my breasts were while having sex or working out. They are a part of me and I love them all the same. I may end up being 80 with boobs I could put over my shoulder lol.

Part 1

When I was younger, I was taunted and haunted by my magical breasts, I neglected them, I spoke badly about them, I wasn’t grateful. Time moves forward and you realize how wonderful your breasts are. Some may see they are misshaped, I see my left as my second sons favourite to nurse with.

Part 2

Some see hairy breasts, I see an incredible body growing hair to protect my breasts that have fed my children, to protect them against things of harm, Some see the lumps and bumps, the enlarged pores, I see adventure and perfection in my imperfections. I see normality being a con. I am so in love with my breasts and not a day goes by where I don’t feel grateful to have them here by my side. Not any more. Here is my wild woman poem ❤️

For Dare To Bare

Growing up I was very self conscious of my breasts. I started to develop my breasts in the later part of elementary school. I was embarrassed to have to wear a bra to school. To this day I’m very self conscious that one breast is larger than the other. During the summer there are certain shirts I see in stores that I’d like to buy. Due to the size of my breasts I don’t feel I would look good in the shirts with thin straps I see so I pass them by. I did have a suspicious area show up on a mammo..

I'm one of those that would keep their bra on during sex. I don't feel confident with my chest, they fall down and in the middle I have little pimples. The "crown" around my nipples are huge and I don't like them. Hope someday I will begin loving myself and my body as I diserve. I would love wearing no bra without any insecurity or to be free to show up in a simple bikini but the fact that I don't appreciate by physical aspects stops me from doing it.

I do not like my boobs, as anyone can notice one is bigger than the other, plus they fall apart. I don't feel okay with the way they are now. Also at school, they used to bother me so much because I have bigger size than my classmates. They used to make fun of my size and always asked me if my back hurt. I am starting to care about them now. Because for some reason they remind me Im a woman and I am strong. They make me feel as alive as you could be. They may not be beautiful, but they're mine.

I used to get teased at school for my lack of boobs & my supposed lack of nipples... boys can be cruel. I’ve spent years trying to love them & I’m still considering whether or not I should alter them especially now anorexia has made them even tinier & breastfeeding has taken its toll. However, I’ve kept two babies alive solely by myself & for that I have to love them. They deserve all the love, admiration & respect I can muster!

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.33.25 PM

These are my boobies and they are my confidence, strength, sexuality and womanhood. You could say they are my Samson and Delilah. I used to be hung up on my small nipples but that cheeky piercing helped me love my nips as much as I do my boobs. I don’t have much confidence in my looks due to some negative last relationships but I can hand on heart say even though I don’t flaunt my boobs I definitely feel more confident knowing I have them. Let’s love our boobies the way they deserve!

Much like other girls, I didn’t like my body when I was a teenager. I remember writing down all the things I disliked. Now I’m 21, and I look back and think about all that time I wasted not loving my body. You only have one and it’ll be yours forever, so you’ve got to start loving it as soon as you can. Think about all the amazing things it can do and be grateful for it.


I've had a lot of confusion with how I feel about my boobs over the years. Too big? Large areolae? Should I pluck out the little black hairs I get that sometimes turn into wild big hairs out of nowhere? But recently, I've realised that I'm only thinking these things because other people always seem to have an issue with their own boobs and I feel like I should wanna change mine. Which sounds so ridiculous when I say it now haha. But I actually love my boobs! They're great, they're healthy

I’ve always had large breasts for my frame 30D so always worried about being top heavy. I have short hair and now I’ve learnt to love that they represent my femininity. I worry that my nipples are unaligned but they manage to level out a little when they’re hard and just appreciate their natural form.

How to love my breasts? I'm only 17 and they look like old grandma after 10 pregnancies. I hate them and this is my largest complex. after eating disorders and 10 kilos in a short time, they became big and drooping. my boy says they are ok but I do not believe it. I abhor them. I would like to accept them but I can not. How to change it?

Part 1: This is me! according to a surgeon I have a moderate tubular breast and therefor have large areoles. In society breasts are talk about All shapes, sizes and colours however very rarely have I seen many posts with large areoles, making growing up - and still to this day - very hard to appreciate the way I am! My relationship with my breasts is one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters I am on! But this is me and I’m done hiding.

Part 2: I find it super hard having small breasts with large areoles. I’m happy with small breasts but the addition of large areoles has been hard and has caused a lot of aggressive relationships putting down my self worth all because of this factor, there’s been many an occasion where I’ve wished and prayed before I went to sleep that they would be fixed and I would be ‘normal’ and so many occasions where I’ve cried for days.

I fell pregnant at 17, didn’t know my body would change as much as it did. My pink nipples turned brown & large, i felt such shame. While attempting breast feeding i developed mastitis in both breasts after being attacked & punched in the breast by my ex BF. A result is one breast always being slightly bigger. ( i call that my favourite boob) 14years later i’ve only just started loving my slightly stretch marked uneven boobs.

I have always been conscious of the fact that one boob is bigger than the other; but as I got older and with the help of people like you doing projects like this, I have learnt that that is perfectly natural. I am not a photoshopped image. They are different sizes. I have large areolas. That is OK! Women need to see this campaign and learn that we aren't supposed to look like what we see in magazines. We are natural and we are ALL beautiful. Thanks for what you are doing 🙌

I was always self conscious because I thought my boobs were too small. I wanted to be like the women I saw in my life and on television who had round, perky breasts and jaw-dropping cleavage. I remember looking for a training bra the first time and wanted a padded bra instead. I thought that was how boobs were supposed to look. Then when I struggled with anorexia my boobs got even smaller because I lost so much weight, and when I was weight restored they got bigger. They still weren't as perky..

I used to really hate how tiny my boobs are, I would really worry that no boys would ever find me attractive. but now, i’m 21, I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is it and realised that i definitely do not need male validation to feel feminine and pretty. thanks for doing this x

Part 1: I was raised in a family where being skinny is everything. Growing up I was tall, way too skinny and had no boobs. Kids made fun of me for being awkward. I couldn't win. In my 20s I remember looking at my body naked, thoughts spinning out of control, I crumbled to the floor and cried. When I got up, I wiped my tears away and looked again... I realized I was letting everyone else decide what I thought of myself. I had never given ME a chance...

Part 2 I decided to look everyday that my thoughts will be clear and all mine. I decided to take control and love my body. This body that carries me through life and given me everything. My breasts nourished 2 babies for years. I must be a better example for my own girls. Now I look at my body naked everyday. Im grateful to be in control of my thoughts about my body. I love starting my day reminding myself of all my body does for me. This body deserves unconditional love that only I can bring.

These are my boobs. Pre child, they were something I hide away because I saw them as something which brought unwanted attention. They endured being groped in clubs and in school corridors and I would hide them under huge sweaters. During pregnancy and breast feeding, I learned to love and respect them because they nourished my baby. They grew bigger and sat lower but suddenly, it was all irrelevant. 3 years on from feeding and they have settled into how they are and I embrace them.

I wish we were taught that our social value is not about beauty or how people react to us, but about who we actually are and how we feel and how we go about the world. I know the shame I felt about my own body and my own needs is shared by other women. I struggled with eating disorders and body image issues my entire life to try and make myself as ‘valuable’ as possible. But to whom? Who ascribes value? But we need to combat shame and feel pride. Shame over what?

Part 2. Men should think - I wish I could do everything women can do. Not the other way around. Women should think - my body is amazing because I live in it and nothing matters more than I do, to myself. My boobs are part of that and even if they aren’t ‘perfect’ they are perfect to me and nothing else matters.

PaI have always had a decent relationship with my breasts. They have had a bit of a kicking with nipple piercings and years of breastfeeding. But loving the dark hairs that sprout round my nipples is a new thing. I'd always plucked at first sight but when re-evaluating my relationship with body hair I decided to leave them. They now form a delicate ring round each nipple and seem so obvious to me although didn't show up on this shot. Nipple hair is not something I ever see talked about.

Part 2....or represented. I have one memory of a family friend of a friend sunbathing topless with a ring of hairs around her nipple. If I didn't have that one memory I think I'd feel quite alone and definitely more embarrassed about my hairs.


I've always hated my breast because no matter what size I was they always hung low. I went from a 32 B to a 40 C and they always hung. I do love that they are bigger after I had my children. I just try so hard to find a bra to hold my boobs properly. The fact that my boobs are hollow in the middle makes me uncomfortable. Thanks to this project I can see myself learning to love my breasts again.

When I was growing up I used to think and was told I was weird for having brown and inverted nipples. I thought I was the only one to have different sized breasts. I have been told by men that I should shave my nipples because any hair on them was “disgusting.” I would search online for foods I could eat to make them grow bigger. after a number of years of battling with self-love, my breasts now remind me of my womanhood, my sexuality, my power, and my respect for myself, and my home.

So here’s my boob story, I was in year six (primary school in England) and I was desperate to have boobs, so much so that I would stuff my bra with socks whilst wearing two bras at a time. By the time I got to the end of year seven, a year and half later, they grew out of bloody no where and ever since then I have had big boobs. Thankfully my momma has promoted a healthy mindset about body image and I’ve never had a problem with my boobs, in fact I quite like them.

When I was younger,  I worried my boobs weren’t big enough, & always wore the heaviest & quite frankly utterly ridiculous push up bras, I felt I needed to have buxom breasts to feel sexy. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that I am quite blessed, I learned the joys of going bra-less & enjoyed the wonders of delicate bralettes. Today they are one of my favourite areas of my body. They are small, but to me they are perfect & most importantly, I learned sexiness comes from within.

Part 2. It doesn’t matter that one hangs slightly lower than the other or that they get lumpy as hell in the run up to my period. It doesn’t matter that they have veins like road maps when they get cold because they are my boobs, and no matter how far down my body they go, I will love them.

I never appreciated my boobs when they were small. But pregnancy, and having big boobs taught me what it was like. I wish I'd taken more pictures, now I have nipples of a mother. Significantly pronounced and not going anywhere... Post-partum and after three and a half years of breastfeeding, my right boob has taken the most damage (favoured by my son, it was inevitable). One is long, slumped and drawn out. The other has shrivelled back to normal. thin tiger stripes, visible up close.

I had to teach myself to love my tits. When I was 13 my mum saw my nipples when we were on holiday and outright laughed saying I had inverted nipples. I was horrified. Now I know they're just a little shy and take a while to stand to attention. I used to force them into massive uncomfortable push up bras, because I didn't understand why they were more oval shaped than the perfect round photoshopped spheres in magazines. Now I only wear bralets or sport bras & I think my girls are happier for it.

Ever since I started puberty at 14 I have despised by boobs, but more specifically my nipples. When I'm warm or relaxed my nipples can go as big as a drinks coaster but when I'm cold they go all small and perky again (my preferred up until recently). In this last year I've really just thought fuck it, I can't change who I am, and I've grown to love my ever changing nipples. Also having a partner that embraces them has impacted me hugely too. I love my boobs now.  xxx

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Continued Sories

He said it was 'fckd up' but had sex with me anyway.  


I had some breast insecurities. First is when I had bigger boobs than my friends in elementary school. I also had some sexual harassment because of it. It was so awful that I cried about it. In high school some female friends made fun of my large breast because it showed cleavage under my thin sport uniform. When I became sexually active in college, one of my ex-bf also make me so insecure because he said that my nipples are inverted and have big areolas. He said it was 'fckd up' but had sex with me anyway.  

Lately, my mom and my brother said my boobs got saggy. They told me to wear bra more often and do exercise etc. The truth is I was gained more weight because of my bipolar pills and my boobs became bigger, so my boobs kinda saggy when I lost weight lately. I also tried many exercise to make by boobs seems firm and 'normal' again. I really hate myself and them for that. But now I try to kinda make peace with my boobs myself and never listen to anyone who said bad things about my boobs.

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