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In support of changing the narrative around breasts,

we are baring it all one selfie at a time.

Let's show the diverse breasts and stories that exist around the world.



Breasts are the most contradicted, feted, sexualized and taboo part of a woman’s body. They also make beautiful art and bold political statements.


The Boob Book Project asks you to #TruthorBare to inspire conversations around diversity and contribute to the self-love revolution.


These anonymous topless selfies will become a part of the art series which will be featured in The Boob Book, www.theboobbook.com and interactive art exhibitions around the world. 


#Truthorbare promotes the narrative of harmony between a woman's mind and body. This action creates a safe space for self-love and acceptance while challenging the current standards that define beauty. 


Fear is something we make up. On occasion it protects us from danger, but in this case, it stops positive actions which allows fewer women to see themselves represented and less progress in this mission. We cant do it without you. Submit your anonymous selfie today and share a story.


Let's Dare to Bare and see where it leads.

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Continued Stories


“The tattoo under my right breast says "melauthious" - it's a word I made up and it means "one that makes you feel like spring. The physical embodiment of eunoia". ~ Like so many people, I've experienced sexual assault and harassment. I also experienced so much shame and hurt at my own hands as well as I learned to navigate self-respect, boundaries, womanhood, empowerment... ~ I got this tattoo after I was being sexually assaulted in a work place. It was a vow to myself that any hands I let touch me must make me feel that way. Like I am beautiful, like I am blooming, like how I see myself matters. Eunoia means beautiful thinking and I knew that how I saw myself, treated myself, thought of myself would shape and define my relationships. Both in what I could give and also in what I let myself receive. ~ It goes further than sexuality. Its how I'm empowering and utilizing myself every day and in every situation. Am I being a good leader? Setting a good example? Honoring my boundaries? Speaking my truth? Living with courage? What is it that truly makes me feel the fullness and beauty of being alive? ~ My grandpa once told me my looks would get me further than anything. It was a weird but effective ploy of reverse psychology because I worked really damn hard at being smart, funny, compassionate, and strong. But I've realized I'm also allowed to be beautiful and sexy and to surprise people who think I'm just a pretty face. I never want my breasts to be a factor - in the good or the bad. They are for me. I am for me. And I choose empowerment. I choose courage.” 


—  Name, Title