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A visual bible for boobs

Breasts are the most contradicted, feted, sexualized and taboo part of a woman’s body. They also make beautiful art and bold political statements.

The Boob Book Project is an inclusive photojournalism series featuring diverse images and stories of 100 women and their breasts. Our hope is to create a safe space for self-love and challenge the current standards of beauty. The project will showcase diverse breasts and bodies across the spectrum no matter their race, gender, ability, health, size or age. This will allow more women to see themselves represented on a larger scale. The grand mission is to create harmony between a woman's body and her mind. As we collectively pull away from the illusions that have been constructed for generations we are able to contribute to more of women's health, happiness, empowerment, and beliefs about their potential and political efficacy in the world. 

The bodies and breasts in this series connect women from around the world through experiences or visual similarities to create safe spaces for bold transformation without saying a word. We hope women will rediscover themselves through this series.


What inspired The Boob Book Project?


This project was inspired by a toxic relationship I had with my breasts and my desire to change that relationship for the better and bring other women along with me.  As I started talking to others about my idea to create a book about breasts, I realized women don’t often speak very nicely about their breasts let alone their bodies. But it was no surprise! Most of us haven't seen or rarely see healthy examples of our breasts and bodies, simultaneously we are being fed content daily on how perfect we could be, should be, can't be and are supposed to be.

The constant theme I continued to notice is that women are in a lifelong race; that was highly contributed to by men, media, business', religion, and politics to name a few, that was never intended to be won, but was definitely intended to keep us distracted.  Breasts were another form of distraction. Generations of women are being raised to think that their body and breasts equate to their value.

Although breasts are meant to be unique and diverse we only see a small variation of breasts glorified daily, this has created a fascinating ripple effect that deserves further observation. Breast augmentation is the most popular surgery in the world. In 2016 over 2,500,000 had elective breast surgery. This figure does not include girls under the age of 18 which tallied up a shocking number. From there my research began to spiral and I started connecting the dots between our breasts, our bodies, our minds, our history, the media, and the world. 


With this boob project, we hope to fill a void in self-love, education, representation and healing. 



What do we believe?


We believe self-empowered, self-loving women are not a threat to man or the world.


We believe each woman including LGBQT+ persons has a story about their breasts.  


We believe a woman's breasts hold energy that needs to be acknowledged, respected and taken care of. 


We believe breast cancer culture and education needs to be reevaluated.


We believe our minds are powerful and the key to self-love. 


We believe sisterhood can heal the world beyond imagination. 


We believe our breasts deserve more love. 


We believe that representing more diverse /breasts bodies will benefit women and LGBQT+ persons greatly. 







the film


A visual bible for boobs

The mission of The Boob Book is to transform the world's idea of beauty by showcasing diverse images and stories that change the narrative around breasts. With the power of these individuals and their communities, we will create transformative social change surrounding self-love, respect, pride, and healing.


This anonymous project features hundreds of diverse individuals, their breasts and stories of happiness, sadness, abuse, conflict, insight, advice, optimism, experience and everything in between. 


Whether we like it or not breasts are the most defining physical feature of a “woman”, but how do we identify with them? This question opens the door to many other topics some regarding sexual orientation, health, abuse and much more. We are currently in the midst of a self- love revolution where we are learning to admire ourselves as we are. Our breasts play such a big part of what we think of ourselves.


When brave individuals decide to expose their “insecurities” they lay a path for others to follow. On this unexpected journey, I have found myself in a unique position with the opportunity to help and heal others through my photography.


The Boob Book is evolving every day and now inspires, educates, evokes confidence, makes you smile, laugh and maybe even cry. We think beauty is found in diversity and untold stories.

The 100 women will be selected to participate in the project based off of their boob selfie


The facts



“This One’s For Me” is a campaign to create a liberating environment which creates dialogue and encourages pride, self-love, and self-identity within diverse individuals by posting selfies of our chest starting on International Women’s Month.


We chose the slogan #THISONESFORME because we often put others opinions of ourselves before our own, It is not popular to sit in stillness and know oneself because of the constant buzz and heavy influence to conform coming from every turn.


#THISONESFORME is a movement for individuals understanding that their unique form is a beautiful gift that should be celebrated with gratitude and kind, loving thoughts and actions.


With this movement, we hold the torch for respect and honor of the female form to destroy rape culture, abuse, discrimination, and self-hate.


With our team of supporters around the world, the launch will take place at the exact same time on March 8th at 1 PM EST and will spread around the world in support of changing the narrative around breasts.

The mission


Yes, a boob selfie, we weren't joking.

There is something powerful about an anonymous post. You can bare your chest and share your story to add to the diverse portfolio of breasts around the world. 


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