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The Boob Book is a project currently in production that will feature an inclusive photojournalism series, book, and documentary featuring diverse images and stories of women and their breasts.

Welcome to The Boob Book Project. We provide a safe platform to recognize, respect and appreciate the spectrum of diverse breasts that exist. We share intimate, raw, anonymous portraits and interviews to inspire healing through representation and rapport. 

We hope to create a safe space for self-love and challenge the current standards and beliefs about beauty. This project will showcase all races, genders, abilities, sizes, and ages and will not go to print until a full variety of diverse breasts and stories have been captured.  As we collectively pull away from the illusions that have been constructed for generations we are able to contribute to more of women's health, happiness, empowerment, and beliefs about their potential and political efficacy in the world. 


The Boob Book Project uncovers the impact that our breasts have in our daily lives, society and around the world by filtering through history, health, propaganda, mental illness, the economic impact of social conditioning, patriarchal ideologies and much more. The purpose of uncovering such impact is to allow healing to happen by understanding why we need to heal in the first place and where our toxic mental constructs came from. It may shock you to hear some of the truths we have uncovered.  


Breasts are more connected to your world than it seems, through the artistic eyes and works of celebrity photographer EV we start to understand how.


self-love revolution



The greatest advice I have is to live in gratitude. It has been the most powerful tools to live a happy life full of self-love. Learn to live in gratitude and watch the magic that follows.” 


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Each anonymous image and story added to our library creates a positive impact through the action of representation. The world only changes when you stand up.